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I believe most of the problems people face doing things are not their fault but come from systems that are working against nature, stifling natural abilities, blocking productivity and robbing us of the enjoyment of work that is our birthright.


I will share real know how from personal experience to help as many people as I can, at a reasonable price, bringing people together and providing them with the resources needed to develop their own know how, which is what really matters.


Information products, online classes, virtual teams and training resources to become amazingly productive, leading to a magically profitable, inspiringly great, dependably enjoyable work, and personal life.




Working with an industry expert like Dan was not only a great pleasure, but an incredible learning experience. Dan was an amazingly resourceful and creative guy.

S Cunningham, Level 3 Dev

We have achieved a level of teamwork and enjoyment of work that I don’t believe would ever have been possible without Dan’s help.

James Manning, RES

He’s really down to earth and had really insightful things to say. Made me feel confident, eager, and excited to take on new challenges.

Jeremy Hunter, Actor