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Do you want an organization with a few heroes, and a host of also-rans, or one where everyone can rise to their own level of ability.  Two or three brains against a hundred. The question is, how do we create workplaces that people are passionate about working in?

Dan Strongin


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What is in it for YOU?


How can someone who doesn't work in your organization know what you need to do? My job is not to be the smartest guy in the room, but to listen, with humility, ask questions to help you and your team figure things out for yourselves. I am endlessly curious about how people manage their businesses and am deeply honored when invited to share.

Know How

In the age of google, information is freely available, but getting and using effectively? You gain access to a tool chest of tested resources, methods and problem solving tools, to explore which work for you. There is something to be said for an outside view, but the point is to learn how to maintain it going forward.


You will learn what makes tools tick: principles behind the tools you can take from problem to problem, firmly planted in a grounding philosophy from the vanguard of management thinking perfected through many years of experience.

Nature has created some incredibly long-lasting "organizations´.¨

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Organization in nature exists for communication not control. The cell has the independence it needs to interact with what it bumps into. The hierarchy makes sure it is aware of how it affects other cells and vice versa, and for what purpose. There is incredible flexibility and resilience in the natural world which most human organizations lack. Command and control complicates your ability to adapt, innovate and survive.

What  people  say about our working together...

We have achieved a level of teamwork and enjoyment of work that I don’t believe would ever have been possible without Dan’s help. And we did it by learning, I would have never thought.

James Manning 
RES food Inc.

Working with an industry expert like Dan was not only a great pleasure, but an incredible learning experience. Dan was an amazingly resourceful and creative guy.

Shawn Cunningham
Layer 3 Dev

…to talk on a regular basis. I am a better manager…’

Sam Humprey
Production Manager

Dan is a first-rate pro who takes technical information and turns it into good business and cultural development. Impeccable, I can always count on what he says and what he does.

Clark Wolf 
Clark Wolf Company

He has expertise I value, and understands the business principles that need to be applied for a successful small business as they seek help from a change agent, and Dan certainly fulfills that role.

Andrea Neu 
DBIC & ImageMaker

Column 1

He's really down to earth and had really insightful things to say. Made me feel confident, eager, and excited to take on new challenges. Preciate' cha Dan.

Jeremy Hunter

The first person I called was Dan when asked to write a grant application to revitalize small farms with added value by the USDA. Dan helped lead a wide effort which produced a Renaissance in WI's signature industry, providing leadership, knowledge, tireless effort and boundless optimism.

Daniel J. Carter 
Dan Carter, Inc.

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