Values drive “Un” Corporations

Definition of an Uncorporation

In very few areas of public life is the disconnect between what we are told and what really is so shocking as in business news. In fact, it’s easy to believe that the vast majority of business is done by big, greedy, publicly traded corporations, but it is wrong: very wrong.

  • 19.6 million Americans work for companies with fewer than 20 workers
  • 18.4 million for firms of between 20 and 99 workers
  • 14.6 million -100 to 499 workers
  • Only 47.7 million for firms with 500 or more.
  • And in other parts of the world the numbers are even higher. Uncorporate SME's drive the world, just not the stock market.

About the Author

I began my work life as a Chef in private clubs, restaurants, and hotels. I was trained at the Ritz and rose to Executive Sous Chef. It was there I first learned to value quality and building teams. I spent ten years working for an independent upscale supermarket as an executive. I helped engineer the creation of a new niche in a highly competitive industry, American Artisan Cheese. Currently, I help small businesses grow without losing who they are, I love my work, am good at it, and ask a lot of questions. Let's make your business better together!