Cesar Millan and Leadership

I get that people love to talk about leadership. Heck, a whole industry has grown around telling other people what to do to be better leaders. Once again, it depends on what you mean by leader. Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer, says a wonderful thing on the topic, which I will paraphrase: In Nature, they kill unbalanced leaders: only people follow unbalanced leaders.

Why do they kill the unbalanced? So they can survive!
But we don’t have that luxury, and something stands between us and the Laws of Nature. We can survive, for a time, even when so far from reality that GPS can’t locate us.

And if you have money enough, are married to the right person, inherit or have been hired and given enough control, you can get away with wacko management. (what I call command and control, do it my way or take the highway, shoot from the hip and leave no prisoners leadership.)

But sooner or later it catches up, and we see the great fall, unless of course they have a great PR firm behind them, or are a politician… the only beast you can never kill.

But there is a better way, and it does involve integrity, balance and doing what a leader is supposed to do: make sure everyone knows the WHY, as Simon Sinek wisely says, repeat it all the time and in everything, and bring the big brain into play, everyone touched by the process, in order to design a way of doing things that results in what you need.

But being balanced and having integrity doesn’t mean NICE. Better systems drives results, not NICE. Look at Steve Jobs… he by some accounts was a prick, pure and simple! But he remained calm in the face of great adversity, repeated WHY clearly, and I’ll bet, when he did bark, it was in cold blood, for a reason.

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