In Their Own Words: La Clare Farm

The vast majority of goods and services we use or consume in our daily lives do not come from publicly traded corporations but from independent business. In almost every country in the world, more than half the GDP is contributed by small and medium businesses. Yet, all you get in the media, online and  in most business schools, is the corporate world view.

In the real world, the one we live in in day to day, people own businesses, and their motivations tend to be richer and more complex than just to maximize shareholder profit in the short-term. They are uncorporate businesses, independent businesses, for whom innovation, flexibility, and taking risks is a way of life, working to make our daily grind a little better.

Sitting behind a desk, poring over spreadsheets and doing SWOTS, is a dangerous way to view the world.

That is why I started the Uncorporate Academy, to help people put aside 19th century solutions that didn't work, and sure as heck don't work now: to share a better way with stories, tips, techniques, methods and the thinking behind them. Real tools for real business in the new millenium.

This episode we meet Clara and Larry of La Clare Family Farm Wisconsin based makers of world class goat cheeses and other dairy products, and ​one of their five children, Greg.  They have a different way of seeing the world because they rarely have time to look at the world from behind a desk. I hope you learn from them, and enjoy.

As always, I will try and restrain myself and let them tell:

​In Their Own Words: La Clare Farm

A edited version of this will be in print in my Cheese Reporter column, back to back issues, April 11 and 18.

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Dan Strongin works with medium to small companies, helping them master the art and science of managing.

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