5 Things You Need to Do to Manage Naturally

Copy this on a sheet of paper and fill it out.

5 Must Dos

How Well and How Much Am I Doing Them?






Where are you strong, where can you improve, what do you do the least, what don't you do at all. These have been considered the foundation of Operational Management since Henri Foyot first wrote a book about it, over a hundred years ago.

The one most people have trouble getting is #5, control. Control can mean a lot of things, from micro-managing, to statistical control, which is kind of the opposite of control, and involves creating a working system that creates predictable outcomes.  Predictable means in control. I will write in a later post on the deeply unsettling problem of micromanaging and what to do to grow beyond it, as well as many posts on control. To learn more about what I mean, you can take the course on my Uncorporate Academy advertised on this page. It will really tell you all you need to understand control as it applies to great managing, and help you better understand the P&L.

Real control has more to do with making certain everyone has the training, the tools and the material that they need to carry out their duties, than ordering them around. 

Real control is not being a dictator, or trying to control outcomes, it is focusing on making the system better overall.

Management also has legal responsibilities to ensure that the health and safety of all their people working there is protected, that human rights are upheld, and ensure that everyone works in a harassment-free environment. That is another element of control.

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