Do you care about profit? If comes down to appearing to be right or make money, how would you choose? Most people make the wrong choice. They care more about appearing  smart, right and in control, than curious about what they really need. Are you one of them?

I had someone email me last week saying they finally realized they had serious communication problems, like people had been telling them for years. That it was creating intolerable problems for their business and could I help them. I had them check out my online training course on Be Understood. They wrote back asking if I had anything shorter:

I looked at your course; it is long for me; do you have something shorter or do you know of something shorter? Like a cheat-sheet.

I was saddened. I wrote back something to the effect of you get back what you put in, but really, they can't take 2 hours to learn something when their livelihood is on the line? Cheat-sheets only work when you already know a thing and just need a reminder. Are we settling for a "Cliff's Notes" version of life? 

I would be shocked, if it didn't happen a lot.​ And pointing it out pisses people off. As long as their businesses exist and make a little money, they want to be seen as experts.​ But what about "THRIVE?" "BREAKTHROUGH PROFIT?" "JOY IN WORK?"

The most popular courses online are about social media, twitter, Adwords®, building a mailing list  or making a million through passive income.​ What good is it to bring people in the front door if you will only lose the money they bring out the back? Know HOW to RUN a business is not something to leave to catch as catch can, or luck. And passive income is a fairy tale sold online.

The most popular "solutions" to business problems are flavor of the month hack jobs, stolen superficially from other people's ideas and given fancy new names and bells and whistles without real knowledge. Over and over again, people choose the thing that doesn't work over the thing that does, so they can continue to pretend that they are in control, and already know.

'I've watched people hop up and down and call it progress. I've seen good men go to the wall and the idiots get promoted.' George Smiley

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Look around us: is this a well run world? What do you see that is administrated well, other than your business, of course. Where are the wildly successful businesses? How many of those last? Is the only advice they can share "get lucky?" Or do they really believe they were in the drivers seat?

I have seen people struggling under the weight of their businesses, money trickling in, at the price of their personal life; under constant stress.​ But try and share a simple truth that can make it easier, more enjoyable, more profitable, more rewarding and much less work, and they get pissed at you.

So I ask you again, why would you rather pretend to be right than make money?


I have a course in my Uncorporate Academy, and on Coggno and Udemy, which teaches a little known but incredibly useful bit of understanding that can not only save a business in trouble, but make one that is limping along, almost magically profitable.  I didn't invent it, Walter Shewhart did, so I charge a nominal amount for the course. One of my clients  saved hundreds of thousands of real dollars in the first few months of "getting it." 

And, for only about 50 bucks a month, one can subscribe to and have access to ALL the courses, and all future ones: stay as long as you need, or want, and come back later if and when you need to. 

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Dan Strongin works with medium to small companies, helping them master the art and science of managing.

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