Help simply takes asking. But in order to give and get the right help, we need to first be certain that I am best suited to assist you. The Blitz is a way to assess both your business, and working together. It provides focus to our work should we decide to go forward, and provides a detailed audit of your business you can use yourself, or with others, should we not. And it lets you assess if you want to work with me.

How Will You Know If It Can Work?

The best way to learn what it would be like to work is to look at my website and my blog, read my testimonials,  ask me questions by email, then set up a free initial dialogue for you to share what you are looking for, what is bugging you, and explore together.

Some times a simple call makes all the difference, and sometimes intense time working together as described in my book “REAL.” and sometimes something in between. What I will do first is listen, ask questions, hear you point of view. Nothing I hate more than consultants who pretend they know what people need more about your business than you do. Depending on how I feel after listening to you, I will let you know upfront if I think I can help you.

The Blitz takes anywhere from three to five days, like an audit, where the aim is not to ensure conformance to someone else’s ideas of what is quality, but to find a way to DO quality in a way that WORKS for YOUR unique situation from the workfloor up. The goal is:

  • Assess your company
  • As well as assess working together.

This kind of work requires investment, so before any long term agreement is signed, it is good to feel confident with each other. The Blitz will provide you with a detailed audit and review, done to the highest professional standards, informed by a management philosophy that drives some of the most successful organizations in the world. It will include:

  • Systems
  • Administration
  • Reporting
  • People
  • Hiring
  • Training programs
  • Machines
  • Methods
  • Culture and environment

It isn’t cheap, but it is comprehensive, and should you decide to tackle what it uncovers with me, it will focus our work, saving a lot of money in the long term. We will look at the nuts and bolts, to the kitchen sink, based on my experience evaluating hundreds of unique companies like yours, to professional standards based on:

  • Nearly 4 decades of experience in Administration, Operations, Strategic Planning, Marketing and Production.
  • Marketing and Production for value added companies, innovation incubators and State Marketing Boards
  • In-depth Leadership experience, with multi-layered focus: Process Improvement, Systems Optimization, Quality Management
  • Strong financial experience, including decades of direct responsibility for operational results in competitive industries,
  • Organizational Development. (Certified ASQ CMQ/OE)
  • “Outside-IN”, Customer focused planning and implementation.
  • Training program development and implementation based on TWI (Training within Industry)
  • Team Building
  • Scientific projecting, budgeting, purchase and inventory control systems
  • And more

How Will You Know if it Did Work?​

You will have the chance to get to know me, and see how you feel about working together. That still doesn’t mean we should, or that it will work, but at least it is a beginning, and we can explore how from there. Looking at a list of testimonials, former clients or even a recommendation from a friend doesn’t ensure that it will work for you. We will work together to match budget, method, what we want to accomplish, what success will look like, what methods we will use, and how we will measure to ensure that what was planned for is achieved.

Get Blitzed?

My Methods, used correctly, help open the door to pride of workmanship, joy in work, and sustainable long term profit. If that sounds like something that might interest you.Lets Talk

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