Building Wealth in the Digital Era

On "passive selling digital products"

In everything, not just digital courses, there are the priveledged few and the suffocating many, and the big ones mostly sell empty promises: back of a comic book stuff like X-ray glassses and how to pick up a girl in 10 words. In online courses, how quickly the dream of open education descended into the pit of 70% off courses on how to get rich on line, by writing courses.

It was the same sad decline with the idiot box... Pander to the petty and make the quick sale... Build nothing... The chance for something incredible sold like a cheap toy in a carnival of the mediocre.

And it has moved from nothing to a race to the bottom so quickly it takes my breath away.

How do you build wealth in an internet flooded by those only wanting to get wealthy fast?

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Years ago the gov in the U.S. Sent a man to 5 years in prison for mail fraud: his crime, he advertised that if you send him a buck he will send a secret way to cut paper cheaply. 5 or 10 thousand did as I remember. He sent them a short note: buy a cheap pair of scissors. Since he used the mail, it was mail fraud. There is no such protection online... Yet!

As my friend Joseph Chmielewski pointed out, there would be no race to the bottom if there weren't bottom feeders, and we are all guilty of trying to lose weight in a book, rather than do the work of eating less; trying to live through a Cliffs Notes version of life and trying to get rich quick without having to build anything. We have met the enemy and it IS us. But on steroids with the Internet.... First in market lasts only a few short weeks.

My courses on using Excel to better understand and predict, or developing better communication skills are rich in material, and rather than read a book and three weeks later write a course, I have spent a good many years of my life mastering them. I will challenge you and make you struggle to get through them! But you will get a wealth of knowledge that you can put to use in any situation you face in managing yourself or other people​ and that is priceless! And it doesn't even cost that much.

Dan, I am thoroughly enjoying your course. I like the way you begin with non-financial examples to illustrate the predictive use of concepts as well as the laid back manner with which you deliver the content. You’ve done a great job at creating a program with a logical and easy to follow structure as well as great content that’s well delivered.


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Dan Strongin works with medium to small companies, helping them master the art and science of managing.

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