The Circular File

Mr. Pareto figure out that only 20% of causes are responsible for 80% of results. If that is is so, and it is, then only 20% of most memos, emails sms's, faxes and calls you get really matter.

Weekly Productivity Tip #1:​

If you find yourself drowning in memos, tweets, emails, messages of all kinds, try this to free up time for the 20% that matter (and free yourself of the tyrannical 80% that don't). 

The Naughty Inbox

Scan all incoming messages and rank, it matters, or it doesn't. Put what matters in a pile or a file in your computer or phone. Put the rest in a drawer or a trash-me tickle folder on your electronic device, where no one can see them.

PS- I did this for 5 years, and only once did I end up in a tight spot for throwing the wrong thing away without reading it. Worth it!

But here's the catch, how do you decide which are the 20% that matters?

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Dan Strongin works with medium to small companies, helping them master the art and science of managing.

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