Guest Post: Running a Business is like Hiking

From time to time I find Bloggers who pass the Uncorporate test, and have great points of view. This post comes from Ed Zimmerman from

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I live in one of the most spectacular areas in the country for hiking. Northern California is loaded with well-maintained hiking trails but the foothills of Mt. Tam (home to Muir Woods) is truly the top of the heap. With spring fully settled here, I headed out this morning to explore some new terrain. After losing myself in thought for a while, my brain stubbornly focused on work and business planning. It was then I saw the correlation to hiking and running a business.

You have to do the hard uphill climb

No way around it, if you want your business to run smoothly and coast to profitability, you have to make constant effort to climb and gain altitude. Step-by-step up grueling terrain, the body and brain send signals to just stop, but if you want to get to the crest and see the sights, you have to keep up the march. In business, you have to do the hard work of research. What do your customers want? What does your competition do to gain THEIR customers? How can you improve your product and service so you can sway your competitors' core customers? It is so easy to just fling the doors open and do what you've always done. It feels comfortable and it is easy to rationalize that you are working hard. Continue to climb and ... continue reading

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