Infographic: SimplyLooking™ for Millenial Managers

SimplyLooking™ is easy to over-complicate, and can seem mysterious, but you shouldn't. It is stunningly simple and really only helps us use the abilities we already have.

What you will learn in the following info graphic may have roots in a host of ancient traditions, including Sufism, Zen and Chinese Buddhism, but it is nothing more than a way to recapture what you used to do when really young, when your perception of the world was new, before you got fully "socialized." In fact, after the first few times, if you do it the way it is taught here, it will seem familiar somehow, like running into a long lost friend.

simply looking infographic

If you think information is learning, you are not alone, but you are wrong. You have to do and get and give feedback to learn. Otherwise it's no better than a day dream which satisfies in the moment but isn't there when you really need it.

So, take the first step towards really learning, now that you have the "info" graphic: Do a session of SimplyLooking™ exactly as described above and share what happened in the comments below. I will give you helpful feedback. If you wish you can do it anonymously. Simply create a made up when you sign up. It's oK! I want you to help you learn any way I can.

After registering for my site under any name you choose, even your own, and posting about your experience using SimplyLooking™ in the comments below,  as long as you use the right email, I'll send you a link to download your HiResolution copy. Enjoy!

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Dan Strongin works with medium to small companies, helping them master the art and science of managing.

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