Meetings Focus on the Wrong Things

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The American Psychological Association completed a research project on the topic and found out what people actually think about during a meeting or a speech at any given time:

  • 18% are really listening and are focused on the topic
  • 25% have erotic thoughts
  • 57% are thinking about something else
  • You know who you are!

We may argue about the exact distribution of the percentages, however, one thing seems to be obvious: it is a natural tendency for the mind to wander around and to follow associations that have been triggered by a certain key word or an event during the meeting or lecture.


People cannot concentrate much longer than 20 minutes, and the brain works by constantly creating associations. Why not build a meeting around the way things really are?

Just another "emperors new clothes" moment, when someone looks around and says, "hey, most meetings are a waste of time." Everyone thinks it, but is too afraid to tell the boss.


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