Mothers Make Great Managers

The Leadership Quality of Nurturing

Women, in general know the secret leadership qualities that make for effective long term management, and first and foremost is nurturing. How else could they hold together the team we call a family for at least 18 years, generally leading to a successful transition to a new generation.

We lads with our "go for it" and "do it my way or take the highway" may surge in front in the beginning, but too often we end up on the rocks.

When I ran things, as opposed to now when I help those running things, I always looked for women managers first. Part of it was the glass ceiling made much better qualified women available for the less than corporate work places I was running, but it is my experience that women managers take better care of the well being of those working for them, whereas guys are more concerned with hitting targets, winning and short term output.

A successful, healthy company is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Emotional rah rah is a sad replacement for genuine concern. The leadership quality of nurturing is an essential tool for leaders to create teams and we could learn a lot from mothers of any species. Guys, and the gals who think to be successful they have to imitate them, forget that it is not machines, or raw materials, prices or accounts that are the most important resources in a successful business, it is the people.  

You can't manage people like widgets. You have to care for them, genuinely, with active love, not hug me sappiness. That means anticipating their needs, setting clear limits, seeing to it they eat well and get enough rest.

Even a Chimpanzee can fit into a team of dogs, if the pack is led by a nurturing leader!

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Dan Strongin works with medium to small companies, helping them master the art and science of managing.

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