You are Working Too Hard ‘Cause You Forgot Newton’s Laws of Motion

Newton’s Laws of Motion and Managing

Energy can’t be created or destroyed, it can only be re-directed

When I was told that things are nothing more than organized energy, I felt cheated! And when my 10th grade science teacher taught me that things tend to fall apart unless energy is applied to keep them organized– that they cannibalize their own energy on unnecessary, chaotic things and waste away, I barely paid attention. I was too busy making chaos in the classroom myself...

Year later, I realized applying energy to keep things organized is called Managing.

The 25 dollar word is Entropy

“Things tend to fall apart.” We call this Entropy.

…unless you work to keep them from falling apart. It is the Managers job to observe when things are starting or stopping and apply energy to keep them organized and moving in the right direction.

“Objects at rest tend to use their energy to stay at rest, objects in motion tend to use their energy to stay in motion. We call this Inertia.”

It takes a lot of energy to get something moving, but only a little once it is. It also takes a lot of energy to slow something down or stop something that is moving, but little to keep it still once it is stopped. If you anticipate and catch things at their beginnings it takes a lot less energy to change them.

If we had really understood in school that what they were teaching us was real, we might have listened better, taken it to heart, and avoided some rather painful challenges while learning.

Forget Newton's Laws of Motion at your Peril: Inertia, Entropy and Momentum.

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Dan Strongin works with medium to small companies, helping them master the art and science of managing.

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