Aligning for the Future: leveraging technology for better communication with StratML

By Matthew Harang and Dan Strongin, in the Policy Tree Blog

In many ways, communication is the cornerstone of civilization. After all, it is humans unique ability to communicate on endless levels that sets us apart from other species. In today’s fast paced world, information travels at the speed on light, or at least 100mbps; and with an increase in speed often comes a decrease in quality. Communication has suffered with the increased role of technology in our lives. For example, people are increasingly inclined to “tweet” or “text” friends and family rather than talking or meeting in person. The same is true regarding the use of technical languages. Communication often struggles to keep up with technology.

Strategy Markup Language, or StratML is an XML language for the modern world that standardizes words, ideas and commands into a machine-readable output that will make communication easier in an increasingly automated world. In addition, it meets recent standards required by the government for public policy entities. We recently had the chance to interview Owen Ambur, Chair of the StratML Committee, to gain more insight into how this language will affect public policy.

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