I began my work life as a Chef, in private clubs, restaurants, and hotels like the Ritz where I learned about quality and building teams. I spent ten years in ritzy Supermarkets. I have worked for others, and for myself. For the last couple of decades, I have been helping small businesses grow without losing who they are, and helped engineer the creation of an entirely new niche in a highly competitive industry, American Artisan Cheese. I love working. I am good at it, mainly because I was never afraid to ask questions. All along I have continued to share what I have learned about cooking and working in kitchens as well.

Dan Strongin

EnjoyCheese.net and ManageNaturally.com

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what real people got from our working together


Imagine running a workplace filled with people who enjoy what they are doing, take pride in how they do it, have the skill needed to rise to their full potential, who treat customers so well they keep coming back and buying more, and bring their friends. All this, and long term, almost magical profits, like the people quoted below.

What Real People I Have Worked With Say:

‘…to talk on a regular basis. I am a better manager…’

Darren Humphrey

Production Manager

‘Working with an industry expert like Dan was not only a great pleasure, but an incredible learning experience. Dan was an amazingly resourceful and creative guy.’

Shawn Cunningham

Layer 3

‘Dan is a first-rate professional who takes technical information and turns it into good business and good cultural development. His work is impeccable and his standards the very highest. I can always count on what he says and what he does as benchmark.’

Clark Wolf

‘We have achieved a level of teamwork and enjoyment of work that I don’t believe would ever have been possible without Dan’s help.’

James Manning

RES S.A. de CV and Edco Foods

He has expertise I value, and understands the business principles that need to be applied for a successful small business as they seek help from a change agent, and Dan certainly fulfills that role.

Andrea Neu


He’s really down to earth and had really insightful things to say. Made me feel confident, eager, and excited to take on new challenges. Preciate’ cha Dan. Hope to see you again soon.

Jeremy Hunter

Popexpert Review
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What’s in it for You:


A Friendly Professional Ear

Someone down to earth, who listens, and doesn’t pretend he knows everything, especially about your business. Asks good questions, , many years of experience.


Personalized Best Practices

You will learn only the practices, processes, methods and tools best suited for your unique workplace. You won’t have to copy, people will copy you.


More Money

We will uncover hidden opportunities and stop hidden losses for less money going out and more coming in, almost magical profits.


Someone You Can Count On

Real World Practical experience in the trenches plus the many workplaces that have benefitted from working with me in a host of different trades.


An End to Fighting Fires

Be understood the first time, with deeper understanding of what makes the people you work with tick, and clearly written agreed upon procedures that people want to follow.


Better Trained Workers

A world-class training program developed with you for your unique needs, to grow a self-driven workforce that takes pride in the quality of their work, and enjoys working.


See Clearly Your Road to Profit

Dashboards with the information that matters, in context: visual tools to solve nagging problems so they never come back, and to predict what will happen with confidence.


Real Leadership Skills

Principled planning, growing a workplace where everyone can rise to their fullest potential, and quality, profits and productivity is off the charts.


Project-based, Online Learning, With You in the Drivers Seat. You can work alone, or in a team, anonymously, or by name, choose a pre-set track or make your own.

Make Contact

One on One

In depth discussion, a mile deep, driven by you and your needs, to help you solve nagging problems, or plan effectively to grow. A chance to invest in you, just you, or drill down and nail gnarly problems.

$200/an hour

Make Contact

On Site Audit

3 to 5 days, with report and recommendations on how to make your company sing with pride, joy, productivity and profit, covering every aspect So intense I call it the Blitz. People, Processes & more.

$10,000 + travel

Blitz Me

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind what we do. You have a full 30 days to test any of our products. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the service you receive, just ask and we will gladly give you a full refund on your purchase price. No risk, only benefits!