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Raw Milk Post-Pasteur

​Safe And Sane Food Policy: Fix The Causes To Fix The ResultsFrom my Column in the Cheese Reporter​Volume 141, No. 25, December 18, 2016 In my last column I shared how changes in food policy at the FDA are laying the foundation for a safer food supply. Science, prevention, managing risks, and improving processes, is the […]

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Media Truth: Half our GDP is Uncorporations

In very few areas of public life is the disconnect between what we are told and what really is so shocking as in business news. In fact, it’s easy to believe that the vast majority of business is done by big, greedy, publicly traded corporations, but it is wrong: very wrong. READ the TRUTH

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treading water


7 out of 10 reading this will lose their business: be among the 3 who succeed.That is why this blogazine exists, to help you succeed. Treading water is not success. Working day and night to survive by sheer will is not success. Success is generous, dependable profit, loyal customers, great employees, and time for yourself, […]

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the best leadership quality: love

Turning Management Into a Team

Final installment of the Change Since the fire of change had been ignited and embraced by the willing workers and their direct supervisors, it was time for the managers to raise the bar for themselves. According to management consultant Peter Scholtes, teams go through stages as they develop: forming, storming, norming, and performing. As work […]

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Picture of crazy eyed glasses inviting you to change your glasses to see things differently

Change 3: Victory on the Gallon Line

Victory on the Gallon Line—and Beyond Needing a victory, the team members mapped a rudimentary flow chart of the gallon line and discussed results with the line supervisor. The subject of speeding up the line, which the managers favored, was brought up. One might ask, Why not speed up to increase output? But the team’s […]

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The Change 2: Running the Business

The training sessions that followed focused first on a new way of managing, one aimed not merely at the short term, but also at long-term survival. Participants were exposed for the first time to the Deming/Shewhart cycle of plan, do, study, act (PDSA) and were challenged to see how the laws of nature and human […]

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