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A chart of the surprising power of uncorporate business

Building Wealth in the Digital Era

On “passive selling digital products” In everything, not just digital courses, there are the priveledged few and the suffocating many, and the big ones mostly sell empty promises: back of a comic book stuff like X-ray glassses and how to pick up a girl in 10 words. In online courses, how quickly the dream of […]

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face recognition used to enforce employees smiling


​Ineptly implemented social conscience or genuinely clueless even if well meaning Corporate Speak Original published March 31 2011 on the now defunct Posterous, 17661 views, adapted for this repost.Contrary to the current religion of Lean, not everything in Japan is based on humanistic principles, after all, they are the ones who brought us dying on […]

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Marketing Speak – do people really care?

Jus’ ’cause everyone says it’s so, it ain’t necessarily so! What we say when it is our brand, is very different that what we do with other peoples.  Consumers DON’T CARE… and only got to “pages” looking for discounts: forget terms like engagement, relationships, audience, social proof: LOOK OUTSIDE IN NOT INSIDE OUT! Nobody cares […]

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an icon of a steep hike

Guest Post: Running a Business is like Hiking

From time to time I find Bloggers who pass the Uncorporate test, and have great points of view. This post comes from Ed Zimmerman from ​ I live in one of the most spectacular areas in the country for hiking. Northern California is loaded with well-maintained hiking trails but the foothills of Mt. Tam […]

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integrity in action in business


Integrity is the quality that expresses ethics in action, but in business? According to the New Oxford, integrity is: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.The state of being whole and undivided.The condition of being unified, unimpaired, or sound in construction.Internal consistency or lack of corruption in electronic data. To live by moral […]

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Bacteriophage eating Lunch


A reprint of an article written a number of years ago for the cheese industry. Traditionally, before the widespread use of laboratory cultures, cheese dairies would begin the season with no culture at all; allowing a culture to develop from the microbes in the environment, what we would call today, sour milk. Culture was seen […]

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The Man Who Sniffed Meaning Like Dog

It didn’t take long for John’s parents to realize he wasn’t a normal child. Before his first taste of mother’s milk his nostrils spread double the normal size, and to the amazement of everyone attending, he took a long deep breath, like a sigh, and only then began his first meal, and when he cried, […]

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The Selfie at Work Challenge

LETS SHOW WHAT WE REALLY DO FOR WORK! SELFIE-AT-WORK CHALLENGE! I am issuing a #selfieatwork challenge. Everyone who takes a selfie of themselves at work, and posts it on my facebook page Manage Naturally with a caption saying what kind of work they do, AND LIKE MY PAGE, will get a link to a FREE copy […]

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Leaders Don’t Bribe, They Lead

Leaders Needed for a World of Willing Workers The pig-headed, self-serving and childish notion that it is against our national character to work together is cited as the root of the perceived need for measuring performance, and rewarding or punishing accordingly. Of course, to a point, money is important, we have to live. But once […]

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Rubin Hurricane Carter

Hurricane Carter on Taking Responsibility

Rubin Hurricane Carter died yesterday, a man who took responsibility for his life.and he leaves us with a lesson on taking responsibility for our life. What do I mean? He once said that innocence is an overrated commodity, pointing out that he was innocent but spent many years in prison. But he went on to say […]

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Change Management Tools Must Come from Within

Change Management: Drive or Thrive? Another View.In my experience, you can’t drive change, you can only cultivate it; should our thinking on management of change be changed to cultivating change?The term, “Change Management” is misleading. Not all change is an improvement, and driving change means it depends on you to drive it: You stop, or go […]

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Nurturing is the best way to lead

Mothers Make Great Managers

The Leadership Quality of NurturingWomen, in general know the secret leadership qualities that make for effective long term management, and first and foremost is nurturing. How else could they hold together the team we call a family for at least 18 years, generally leading to a successful transition to a new generation. We lads with […]

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Love and 5S

In yet another discussion on Linkedin the question was raised of how to sustain 5S long term. 5S are simple principles from Japanese tradition to maintain order, and keep chaos at bay. It is taught to them in their early education, supported by Buddhist, Confucian and Shinto teachings. It was brought from the home into […]

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