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St. Francis Preaching Ethics


Do you care about profit? If comes down to appearing to be right or make money, how would you choose? Most people make the wrong choice. They care more about appearing  smart, right and in control, than curious about what they really need. Are you one of them?I had someone email me last week saying […]

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Wisdom from Collaboration

Flavors of Thinking to Make Things Better

WARNING: KINDA SERIOUS AND INTELLECTUAL… READ AT YOUR OWN RISK… There are different types of thinking needed to understand and make things better, usually done by doing one then the next in order. Different Ideas: As many ideas as possible, sometimes brain storming, other times playing the devil’s advocate. It is a discipline that can […]

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Rice on the Brain

The Manwho is kind of the source for what people turned into “Lean,” wrote a great bit on how what we plan based on calculations can often go astray when people and nature are involved: Ohno, founder of Toyota Prodution System “…we had quite a surplus of rice. Since having too much rice was a […]

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