Why Training Matters and How to Train From Within!

I get why you say things at work like common sense isn't that common. I used to think the same way… worse, I used to call "those kinds of people" lackeys. (I'm reformed)  

But, do we really want workplaces run by a couple of heroes and a host of also-rans? 

Wouldn't it be better if there were a way so that everyone can rise to their full potential? But, the question is how do you do it: by what method? 


The standard response when you mention training is  

Mr. Every Boss Perhaps You?

"I should invest in training them so they can leave me?

Lets stop and think about that for a moment. Is the reason people are leaving is because you train them? With no training, are they are less likely to leave? Why?

I don't buy the line that people leave just to get more money. All the evidence, I repeat, all the evidence shows that once a person get the point of meeting their basic needs, that first level of Maslow's hierarchy, money falls way down on the list of what motivates people.

What rises to the top is the ability to share in doing something worthwhile, and the ability to use themselves fully. And the logic falls apart completely when you get to "because people leave me, I won't train." What about those who stay? How much damaged is an untrained person doing to your and your families future? How much are they costing you?

And where do we get off thinking that people you hire should arrive already trained? Where? And if so, is what they are trained in a match for your unique business needs. It seems to me that NOT training is much more expensive than training, and the best would be to train for exactly what you need them to know, for your unique business. 


In the 1940's, with the "boys" off to war, industry was run by their wives and sisters... and those not "fit for combat," people who had never worked in factories before. So the defense​ brought together the best minds in the country and they create a program called Training Within Industry. It was so successful that in only 8 years the US rose from what would be today, a developing economy, to the largest industrial power in the world, and in only 8 years. These women and men created such high quality output, that combined with the lack of competition for the US after WWII, gave us the foundation on which the most powerful economy the world has yet know was built.

This same program was adopted by Toyota and other Japanese companies after the war, one of the pillars of the so called Japanese Miracle. I have taken this program and updated it, extending it beyond the narrow confines of industry and larger businesses and created a version that can help you achieve the same miraculous growth in productivity and profit.

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