What does Working Together look like?

All it takes is to ask. But in order to give and get the right help, we need to first be certain that I am best suited to assist you.


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Take a quick look at the diagram above. Over the years, I have found that motivation has an impact on how we work together. For example, companies experiencing pain need relief before they can afford to discuss philosophy, or learn a new toolbox.

On the other hand, people who are driven by a vision need to clarify the gap between where they are, and where they want to be, before discussing methods for getting there. Each relationship requires a unique approach. There is no magic pill or catchy name that can replace knowledge and doing.

Work with people you respect

  • If you are a person who values knowledge over shooting from the hip, we will get along just fine.
  • If you are the kind of person who needs to go and see for yourself, at the source, before forming an opinion, we will understand each other
  • If you are the kind of person who has faith in people, and believes that an environment that lets them thrive, they will rise to the occasion, we will get along really well.
  • If you believe in do it my way or take the highway, we will not get along particularly well.

How Will You Know If It Can Work?

The best way to learn what it would be like to work is to look at my website and my blog, read my testimonials, ask me questions by email, then set up a free initial dialogue for you to share what you are looking for, what is bugging you, and explore together,

Some times a simple call makes all the difference, sometimes subscribing to a targeted course, or becoming a full time member for 24 hour access to all courses and discussion groups, and sometimes intense time working together as described in my book “REAL.” or something in between. Everyone’s needs are different.

What I will do first is listen, ask questions, hear your point of view. Nothing I hate more than consultants who pretend they know more about your business than you do. You are the expert in your business; I am an expert in sharing how you and your team can become even more expert. Depending on how I feel after hearing you, I will let you know upfront if I think I can help you.

Clarify and Define.

It is my experience, what you don’t know does hurt you, and what you think you know that isn’t so can hurt worse. Workplaces not clearly defined, harbor a great deal of hidden losses. The good news is that clients in this situation experience sudden increases in profit, once hidden losses are surfaced and the root problem solved; often without having to invest much money.

On the other hand, once the workplace has been harmonized, opportunities are uncovered that can lead to breakthrough profit, sometimes so much it is hard to believe, until it keeps on coming. One client, a manufacturer in a highly competetive industry, continues to earn up to 4 times the industry benchmark percent for net profit.

When people control the quality of their work, and understand how things relate to each other, the company reaps the rewards of pride of workmanship; people begin to really enjoy their work.

Pride in the Quality of Work and Joy in doing

Imagine a workplace where the work that needs to be done is completed by those who really want to do it. A self-motivated workforce frees management of the burden of policing so they can focus on long term vision and strategy, as well as removing barriers to the natural curiosity and intelligence of the workers. Not only do workers stay focused and improve their own efforts, but they do so without the need for conditional promises of bonuses, or merit pay.

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